A place for families of Jewish partisans from World War II to connect and share their stories.
Oscar aged 14 Partisan photo Oscar Beitar photo Oscar  Tuvia 1984 Oscar Partisan reunion 1984 Oscar  Fruma 1945 Oscar Adele Eric Novogrudek 1994

Oscar (Osher) Borecki

Oscar, aged 12, escaped the ghetto twice and fled into the forests when his native shtetl Novogrudok in Belarus, was destroyed by Nazi killers. However each time he was forced to return to the ghetto, due to the antisemitic and hostile villagers in the countryside. After the 3rd mass...

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Community Stories

Sam (Jacob Simcha) Goldwasser

Sam Goldwasser (born Jacob Simcha) was born on November 28, 1928, in Parczew, Poland, to Yehuda Leib and Henia Goldwasser. Yehuda Leib...

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Robert Lesser (Rachmil Lazowski)

Robert Lesser was born Erachmil (Rachmil) Lazovski (Lazowski) on May 13, 1933, in Bielica, Poland (pronounced Belitza), what is now Belarus. Bielica...

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Paul Strassmann

Paul Strassmann was born on January 24, 1929 in Trenčín, Czechoslovakia, present-day Slovakia. His father Adolf owned a wholesale foods and agricultural...

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Rochelle Sutin (Schleif)

Rochelle Schleif was born on July 15, 1924, and grew up in Stolpce, Poland. Her father was a very successful businessman. As...

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Lilka (Ticktin) Bielski

Lilka Ticktin was born in Bialystock, Poland, on January 13, 1926. Before she was a year old, her family settled in Novogrudok....

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The biographies on this site are compiled from testimonies, recollections, transcripts, memoirs, and biographies of Jewish partisans, their children and their grandchildren.