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7 After the war - Lea Friedberg, Rome , Italy, 1945 - Copy 5 Judit Berkowsky, 1938, Lea Friedberg's younger sister, murdered 1941, Novogrudek pogrom, Poland - Copy 9 Genya Berkowsky, Lea Friedberg's mother, spent the war years with the Bielski partisans - Copy 10 Gutel Berkowsky, Lea Friedberg's father, Bielski partisan, instrumental in sending Lea ahead (without her parents) to join the Bielski Brigade - Copy 1 Pesach (Paul) Friedberg, Partisan Fighter, The Bielski Brigade, 1943 Paul as a young man in a suit 4-Pesach-1922-youngest-of-3-brothers-stands-beside-his-mother-along-with-Sholom-center-and-Hirszl-the-eldest-alsp-murdered-during-a-pogrom-Copy 2-Hinde-Friedberg-1922-Pesachs-mother-murdered-18-Kislev-November-1941-Novogrudek-pogrom-Poland-Copy 3-Hinde-and-Eli-Friedberg-Pesachs-parents.-Eli-was-killed-during-a-Polish-pogrom-just-before-Pesach-was-born. 6 Pesach and Lea Cinecitta, Italy 15-Paul-and-Lea-reunite-with-Frieda-and-Sam-Pauls-older-brother-in-Italy-after-the-war 14 Family Portrait - Pesach, Lea and Adele Friedberg, Gutel and Genya Berkowsky, Rome, Italy after the war - Copy 13 Rally for Israel 2 copy 11 Pesach and Lea Friedberg in Rome, Italy after the war - 1946 Copy 16-Sailing-to-America-Pesach-Lea-and-Adele-aboard-The-Vulcania-March-1949-Copy 17 Living the American Dream - Lea and Paul black tie 1960 19 Pesach Friedberg, speaking at the Federation of Former Underground Fighters, as President of The Novogrudek Association, New York - Copy 18-Tuvia-Bielski-Pesach-Friedberg-and-Zus-Bielski-in-New-York-1960s-Copy 28 Pesach and Lea Friedberg, partisans in The Bielski Brigade - Copy 25 Lea and Paul in later years Screenshot (477) Screenshot (475) Screenshot (473)

Lea Berkowsky Friedberg

The story of Lea Berkowsky Friedberg is one of hope and strength of spirit. It is that incredible combination that gave her the will and determination to survive, fight, and thrive in a new world when finally, the Nazis were defeated. Lea Berkowsky was born on September 15, 1925,...

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Community Stories

Harry Burger

Harry Burger was born on May 10th, 1924 in Vienna, Austria. The Burger family was affluent and lived a comfortable life until...

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Irving (Itzchak) Resnik

Born May 22, 1922, in Novogrudok, Belarus to Aaron Isser and Chaika, Irving (Itzchak) Resnik was one of five children; he had...

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Avigdor Klimtka (Cline)

Avigdor Klimtka, a Jewish partisan who lived a brief but itinerant life, (from “Tag Eins ” as he used to say)...

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Rochelle Sutin (Schleif)

Rochelle Schleif was born on July 15, 1924, and grew up in Stolpce, Poland. Her father was a very successful businessman. As...

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