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Hella Burstein Grynbaum Schwarz

Hella Burstein Grynbaum Schwarz was born in Blinow, Poland. Together with her older brother Marian and some cousins, formed the Bron partizan group. Her parents and other sibling stayed hiding in a barn.

In 1940 German troops took over Blinow and got men and women recited for forced labor. During a change of guards, Marian and Hella ran away. By 1941 the family were moving hiding places frequently. Escapes and moves were done during the winter and everybody was very careful not to leave foot tracks. In 1942 Abraham Bron invited Marian and Hella to join his resistance group and they did so. The group was called Armia Ludowa and consisted of Polish Jews, non-Jews and Russians. The group was extremely organized. For every 20 people, there was an assigned leader.

14 people of the Burstein Grynbaum family survived. They all moved to Bolivia and then, thanks to Hella’s husband to Brasil.