A place for families of Jewish partisans from World War II to connect and share their stories.
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Philip (Feivel) Kinn (Kinkulkin)

Philip Kinn was born Feivel Kinkulkin in the town of Ivie in northeastern Poland on May 14, 1914 to Efraim Kinkulkin and Sarah Boyarsky Kinkulkin. The family made their living in horse-trading, blacksmithing, and by farming their small plot of land. Efraim was very well respected in Ivie because...

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Community Stories

Moshe Berkowitz

Moshe Berkowitz was born in 1898 in the small Jewish town of Woronowa, Poland, now in modern-day Belarus. Residents of Woronowa shared...

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Betzalel (Tzalke) Ginsburg

Tzalke Ginsburg and his brother Motke escaped from Ivie to the village of Dokodova where they joined the Iskra Otriad. Together the...

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Robert Lesser (Rachmil Lazowski)

Robert Lesser was born Erachmil (Rachmil) Lazovski (Lazowski) on May 13, 1933, in Bielica, Poland (pronounced Belitza), what is now Belarus. Bielica...

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Sara Rosnow

A Young Woman in the Forest: A Jewish Partisan Story of Survival Born on the second Seder of Passover 1925, Sara Rosnow...

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The biographies on this site are compiled from testimonies, recollections, transcripts, memoirs, and biographies of Jewish partisans, their children and their grandchildren.