A place for families of Jewish partisans from World War II to connect and share their stories.
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Murray (Motke) Berger (Shmulewicz)

Murray (Motke Shmulewicz) Berger lived in a shetl named Wseilub in what was then Belorussia, White Russia. Wseilub was a small Jewish community with approximately 100 families. Murray was the youngest of seven children. All of his brothers and sisters were married and had children. Prior to the war,...

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Community Stories

Sonya Oshman (Gorodinsky)

Born in 1922, in Novogrudok, Poland, Sonya Gorodynski, was the oldest of five children born to Abraham and Tamara Gorodynski. Her father lovingly called her Sonyaleh. An excellent student,...

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Samuel Gruber

Sam Gruber was born January 3, 1913 in Podhajce, Poland. On September 1, 1939, he was in the Polish army (rare for Jews), badly wounded during the German Army...

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Sima Tannenbaum (Simieticka)

The eldest of two daughters, Sima Simieticka was born on March 8th, 1923 to a family of tailors in Warsaw. Her father left the family for Russia when she...

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Hella Burstein Grynbaum Schwarz

Hella Burstein Grynbaum Schwarz was born in Blinow, Poland. Together with her older brother Marian and some cousins, formed the Bron partizan group. Her parents and other sibling stayed...

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Rose Holm (Duman)

Jewish partisans Rose Duman and Joe Holm were born in neighboring villages near Zaliscze, Poland. In 1941, Germans killed Joe’s mother and five brothers, as well as 20 other...

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Paul Strassmann

Paul Strassman was born on January 24, 1929 in Trenčín, Czechoslovakia, present day Slovakia. His father Adolf owned a wholesale foods and agricultural products business. During WWI his father...

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