A place for families of Jewish partisans from World War II to connect and share their stories.
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Nina Morecki (Grutz)

Nina Grutz Morecki was born in Lvov, Poland in 1920, where her mother’s family had lived for more than 500 years. Her father’s family was from the same region. Nina’s family owned a soap and candle factory that sold to area merchants and a small store with a large...

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Community Stories

Shraga Dgani (Feivel Solomiansky)

Shraga Dgani (Feivel Solomiansky) was born on March 19, 1910, in the small shtetl of Ilya, Poland, now Belarus. He lived with his parents, Eliyahu and Chaya, along with...

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Yehoshua Kanonich

Yehoshua Kanonich fled from his hometown of Manyevich, Poland on September 1, 1942, as the Gestapo was emptying the surrounding villages of all Jews and imprisoning them in the...

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Betzalel (Tzalke) Ginsburg

Tzalke Ginsburg and his brother Motke escaped from Ivie to the village of Dokodova where they joined the Iskra Otriad. Together the brothers attended a course in demolition and...

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Oscar (Osher) Borecki

Oscar, aged 12, escaped the ghetto twice and fled into the forests when his native shtetl Novogrudok in Belarus, was destroyed by Nazi killers. However each time he was...

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Henry Yelgin

Henry Yelgin was born on March 24, 1915, in Bobruisk, Russia, and grew up in Grodno, Poland. He lived there with his mother, Cila, and his older brother, Abraham,...

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Ann Monka (Stoliwitzky)

Ann Monka, was born in Lida, Poland in 1929 and was the youngest of three children born to Leon and Sarah Stoliwitzky. Her family, including her older brother and...

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