A place for families of Jewish partisans from World War II to connect and share their stories.
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Isidore Karten

In 1942, Isidore (Izzy) Karten and his brother Hersch, escaped from their village of Swirz to avoid being confined to the ghettos in Bóbrka and Prezemyslany. They escaped into the woods, leaving their father and two older brothers behind. Their brothers Itchie and Hymie joined them later after their...

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Community Stories

Yehoshua Kanonich

Yehoshua Kanonich fled from his hometown of Manyevich, Poland on September 1, 1942, as the Gestapo was emptying the surrounding villages of all Jews and imprisoning them in the...

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Philip (Feivel) Kinn (Kinkulkin)

Philip Kinn was born Feivel Kinkulkin in the town of Ivie in northeastern Poland on May 14, 1914 to Efraim Kinkulkin and Sarah Boyarsky Kinkulkin. The family made their...

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Sonya Oshman (Gorodinsky)

Born in 1922, in Novogrudok, Poland, Sonya Gorodynski, was the oldest of five children born to Abraham and Tamara Gorodynski. Her father lovingly called her Sonyaleh. An excellent student,...

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Martin Petrasek

Martin Petrasek was born in Chust, Slovakia in 1926. In 1938, Czechoslovakia became the first victim of Germany’s expansionist plans when the Sudetenland was annexed. However, the region of...

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Frank Blaichman

Born in the small town of Kamionka, Poland on Dec. 11, 1922, Frank Blaichman was just sixteen years old when the German army invaded his country in 1939. Following...

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Sonia Bielski (Boldo)

Sonia Boldo was born in Novogrudok, Poland in 1922. She came from a very wealthy family, attended the best schools, and even had aspirations of enrolling at a university...

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