A place for families of Jewish partisans from World War II to connect and share their stories.
Judith and Motke Ginsburg with son, Chaim Judith Ginsburg, after the war taken in Germany Judith Ginsburg, Germany Judith Partisan Pic 1 Judith's 90th Bithday surrounded by Ginsburg children, grandchildren, great grandchildren Judity Family of 6 Screenshot 2017-06-05 13.16.57

Judith (Yudis) Ginsburg (Kosczeinska)

Judith was born into a large and well to do family in Lida, Poland. She lost most of her family in the slaughter on May 8, 1942 when 6,000 Jews of Lida were murdered by the Einsatzgrupen. She remained in the Lida ghetto with her oldest sister and her sister’s...

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Community Stories

Sonia Bielski (Boldo)

Sonia Boldo was born in Novogrudok, Poland in 1922. She came from a very wealthy family, attended the best schools, and even had aspirations of enrolling at a university...

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Irving (Itzchak) Resnik

Born May 22, 1922 in Novogrudok, Belarus to Aaron Isser and Chaika, Irving (Itzchak) Resnik was one of five children; he had three younger brothers — Avrum, Yeshua, and...

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Paula (Koladicki) Burger

The oldest surviving child of Wolf and Sarah Koladicki, Paula Burger was born in 1934 in a small town near Novogrudok, in what is now Belarus. Novogrudok had a...

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Aron Bell (Bielski)

Aron Bielski was born in 1927 on a farm in Stankiewicze, Poland, a rural area outside of Novogrudok. He was the youngest of ten brothers and two sisters. When...

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Ruth Lapidus (Novopudsky)

Ruth Lapidus, maiden name Novoprudsky, born on October 18, 1925, was one of the Jews who survived the Holocaust by fleeing into the woods and learning the true meaning...

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