A place for families of Jewish partisans from World War II to connect and share their stories.
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Ruth Resnik

Ruth Kaplow (Raschka Kaplowitz) was born in 1924, in the town of Krivitz, Belarus. Her mother, Genya, passed away in 1928 and her father, Bernard, left Belarus to go to South Africa, leaving Ruth in the care of her paternal grandparents. Her father’s family descended from Lubavitcher Chassidim. Ruth...

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Community Stories

Rochelle Sutin (Schleif)

Rochelle Schleif was born on July 15, 1924, and grew up in Stolpce, Poland. Her father was a very successful businessman. As...

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Boris Kot

Boris Kot was born on May 8, 1925, in Kovno (Kaunas), Lithuania. He lived with his parents Solomon Isaac Kotas (Mr. Kot)...

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Murray Gordon

Murray Gordon was born in pre-World War II Lithuania in the seaside resort town of Klaipeda. At the age of six, Murray...

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Moshe Berkowitz

Moshe Berkowitz was born in 1898 in the small Jewish town of Woronowa, Poland, now in modern-day Belarus. Residents of Woronowa shared...

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Oscar (Osher) Borecki

Oscar, aged 12, escaped the ghetto twice and fled into the forests when his native shtetl Novogrudok in Belarus, was destroyed by...

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The biographies on this site are compiled from testimonies, recollections, transcripts, memoirs, and biographies of Jewish partisans, their children and their grandchildren.