A place for families of Jewish partisans from World War II to connect and share their stories.
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Aron Bell (Bielski)

Aron Bielski was born in 1927 on a farm in Stankiewicze, Poland, a rural area outside of Novogrudok. He was the youngest of ten brothers and two sisters. When the Nazis invaded the Soviet Union, three of his brothers Tuvia, Asael and Zus, all of whom were more than...

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Community Stories

Frank Blaichman

Born in the small town of Kamionka, Poland on Dec. 11, 1922, Frank Blaichman was just sixteen years old when the German army invaded his country in 1939. Following...

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Sara Rosnow

A Young Woman in the Forest: A Jewish Partisan Story of Survival Born on the second Seder of Passover 1925, Sara Rosnow was fifteen years old when the Soviet...

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Samuel (Shmuel) Zelwin (Zelvianski)

Samuel Zelwin (born Shmuel Zelvianski) came from a well to do family in Novogrudok, Poland. He, his father and his grandfather were all kosher butchers who also raised cattle....

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Julia Karten (Grossberg)

Julia Grossberg was born in the small Polish town of Milatycze, and lived there with her sister Rose and her parents Moshe Leib and Bena (Berta). Her father ran...

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Hertzel Nohomovski

Hertzel Nohomovski was born in Novogrudok, Poland on April 28, 1920 but lived most of his life in the nearby town of Ivie. He came from a home with...

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Philip Lazowski

Philip Lazowski was born on June 13, 1930 in Bielica, Poland. It was a fishing, hunting and agricultural community. The town trading posts had become a center for Jewish...

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