A place for families of Jewish partisans from World War II to connect and share their stories.
Mom and Aliki pansy and windmill Karmen with her father Emilios and brother Jack. Greek beach with Dad Karmen and her mother on Karmen's wedding day. Airport before leaving Greece Dancing with Dad Joe's Bar Mitzvah Bat Mitz Jon Eden Nora

Karmen Kakis

Carmen Rousso (née Karmen Kakis) was born on April 17, 1923, in the northern Greek town of Drama. She also spent a significant amount of her childhood in Thessaloniki, where her paternal grandparents lived in their family home. Her home in Thessaloniki was located next to a synagogue. Thessaloniki...

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Community Stories

Rochel (Rose) Berman Wolfe

Rochel (Rose) Wolfe née Berman was born on March 15, 1918, in Novogrudok, Poland (now Belarus). There was a thriving Jewish population in Novogrudok of...

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Shlomo Ryback

This report is based on a chapter of Betty Brodsky Cohen’s upcoming book, “The Tunnel People,”  which tells the personal stories of...

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Pesach (Paul) Friedberg

Pesach (Paul) Friedberg Pesach Friedberg, the youngest of three brothers, was born in Novogrudok, Poland, on September 15, 1918. He never knew...

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Marvin (Motke) Ginsburg

After situating his parents and sisters with friendly peasants, Motke Ginsburg, and his younger brother Tzalke, escaped from the Ivie ghetto and...

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Robert Lesser (Rachmil Lazowski)

Robert Lesser was born Erachmil (Rachmil) Lazovski (Lazowski) on May 13, 1933, in Bielica, Poland (pronounced Belitza), what is now Belarus. Bielica...

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The biographies on this site are compiled from testimonies, recollections, transcripts, memoirs, and biographies of Jewish partisans, their children and their grandchildren.