A place for families of Jewish partisans from World War II to connect and share their stories.
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Sonya Oshman (Gorodinsky)

Born in 1922, in Novogrudok, Poland, Sonya Gorodynski, was the oldest of five children born to Abraham and Tamara Gorodynski. Her father lovingly called her Sonyaleh. An excellent student, Sonya had planned to attend Medical School in Smolensk, Russia, the year that the Soviets invaded, but she had to...

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Community Stories

Hella Burstein Grynbaum Schwarz

Hella Burstein Grynbaum Schwarz was born in Blinow, Poland. Together with her older brother Marian and some cousins, formed the Bron partizan group. Her parents and other sibling stayed...

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Gertrude Boyarski (Solucki)

Gertrude ‘Gertie’ Boyarski, born in 1922, was a teenager with a family and a home until the Germans invaded her town of Derechin, Poland. The Nazis forced the town’s...

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Ann Monka (Stoliwitzky)

Ann Monka, was born in Lida, Poland in 1929 and was the youngest of three children born to Leon and Sarah Stoliwitzky. Her family, including her older brother and...

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Paula Burger

The oldest surviving child of Wolf and Sarah Koladicki, Paula Burger was born in 1934 in a small town near Novogrudok, in what is now Belarus. Novogrudok had a...

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Oscar (Osher) Borecki

Oscar, aged 12, escaped the ghetto twice and fled into the forests when his native shtetl Novogrudok in Belarus, was destroyed by Nazi killers. However each time he was...

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Martin Petrasek

Martin Petrasek was born in Chust, Slovakia in 1926. In 1938, Czechoslovakia became the first victim of Germany’s expansionist plans when the Sudetenland was annexed. However, the region of...

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